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Packing for the Hospital

What to Pack:

  • Going-home outfit (Clothes you wore around your fifth month of pregnancy are best!)
  • Outfit for the baby (Keep in mind what the weather will be like when you leave the hospital)
  • Car seat
  • Contact information for your pediatrician
  • Cord blood kit for banking, if desired (Give to your labor and delivery nurse)
  • Cell phone/camera/chargers/batteries
  • Slippers/robe
  • Toiletries (i.e. shampoo, face soap, deodorant, etc.)
  • If a partner is staying with you in the hospital, bring their clothing—don’t forget pajamas!


What Not to Pack:

  • Diapers
  • Food for the baby
  • Anything you would be sad to ruin or lose!
  • Any valuables
  • Labor, delivery, and post-partum is messy! Do not bring your favorite sweater, pillow, etc.
  • Try not to overpack. The hospital will have almost everything you need!

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